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Revive Unlocks the ENORMOUS value of your Incomplete Treatment List


Imagine a Virtual Treatment Coordinator that provides a consistent system of follow up converting Incomplete Treatments FOR YOU

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Tested and Proven in the USA & UK, and now available in Australia

We are enjoying over a 500% return on investment with Revive. The support has been brilliant, and the team loves working with the system.

Dr Mark Braund - Principal - Dental Lounge  
Sydney, NSW 

...Its incredible when a patient you have not seen in almost a year rings up and tells you they are ready to go ahead and book for their much need treatment...[Revive] is like having a well trained and effective member of the sales team on board.”

Dr Rachel Hall - Principal - Evolve Dental  
Brisbane, QLD 

Are you are sitting on over $250,000 of Potential Fees in Incomplete Treatments from the last 12 months?

Revive Unlocks that Potential


Who is it for?

Revive is for Busy Practices that:

  • Have patients that "need to think about it"...or "go cold" after being offered a treatment plan
  • Want the peace of mind knowing every patient, who does not accept treatment, no matter how busy the practice gets, will be systematically followed up
  • Want to lower the number of wasted consultations
  • Want their team to spend less time tracking and monitoring on senseless spreadsheets and reports, and spend more time with patients
  • Want to remove the manual and often deflating tasks of follow up that staff generally don’t like to do

How Do We Get Results?

Last 24 Months Incomplete Treatments

Do the
Follow Up


Every Month
In Extra Treatments

Many practices see $60,000 in EXTRA treatments within the first 3-5 months

Why Revive?


Increase Conversion Rates...consistent, systemised, and automated follow up

Revive monitors your Practice Management Software, listening for new treatments that have not been scheduled.  

Revive even alerts your staff when it is time to make a call, if any patient has replied to an SMS, or if they have indicated they would like to book a time.

Revive supports over 30+ integrations including, EXaCT, Dental 4 Windows and OASiS

Waste Less Time...a Virtual Treatment Coordinator that saves over 720 hours a year

Revive frees up  your team members allowing them to do what they do best, instead of chasing patients!

Revive allows your coordinators to ditch their spreadsheets and reports...sit back and relax and let Revive do the work.

Instead of always having to reach out to the patients, enjoy patients contacting you!

No Training, No Down Time

Revive acts as a new staff member and requires not training.

If your team can use Email, they can master Revive!

100% Transparent ROI

Every month we will report to you the number of patients, and names of the patients that booked appointments.

And on a weekly basis, we will send you an Activity Report showing you the communications and notifications.

Before spending any more on Patient Acquisition,

please take 15 mins to see if we can help

Give us a call at 07 3096 0333 or

What are Australian practices saying about Revive?

Revive has been such a success we are implementing in our other practices straight away

Dr Daniel Adamo - Principal - Dentistry By Design  
Balmain, NSW  

Revive is a great addition to the team! It silently runs in the background making sure we are keeping in personal communication with our patients. We have booked patients from months ago that would have slipped through the cracks previously.

Ainsley Bennell - Practice Manager - Macquarie Street Centre (Dr David Dunn)  
Sydney, NSW  

Revive has helped us make great connections with patients on a consistent and continual basis. It helps to catch those patients with the potential to fall through the cracks. Using Revive is like putting a safety net under your patient database. Our team love working with it too.

Dr Jesse Green - Principal and Business Coach - Bespoke Dental  
Canberra, ACT 

Using the Revive sequence has been very easy and very effective. Once the initial setup was taken care of and my team guided through the process we had patients calling to book for treatment. We were able to generate production and take care of the dental needs of patients who we thought we had not been able to follow up on effectively and at the same time revive took the extra workload and stress away from my front desk team and made their job much easier.

Its incredible when a patient you have not seen in almost a year rings up and tells you they are ready to go ahead and book for their much need treatment.

Having Revive working for us is like having a well trained and effective member of the sales team on board.

Dr Rachel Hall - Principal - Evolve Dental  
Brisbane, QLD 

Using Revive has made my life a lot easier. It keeps a track of all the follow ups required, is inconstant communications with our patients and doesn’t let anyone slip through. It provides a consistent grip on our patient base and the best thing is that we don’t have to stress and work hard for it, as everything is taken care of by REVIVE.

Saanchi Varma - Practice Manager - Bespoke Dental  
Canberra, ACT  

Revive is so easy to use, and is a huge help to make sure we are in constant communications with our patients...such a time saver!

Bella Owen - Treatment Coordinator - Dental Lounge  
Sydney, NSW 

I highly recommend Revive if you are wanting to systemise and simplify your practice. Revive saves us hours every day by fully automating the entire process. I’m so happy that I don’t have to run reports or update spreadsheets anymore! It has allowed our team to focus on our patients...not admin. It is a fantastic system, no process changes required, no double entry, and no training was needed!

Sandy Mistry - Practice Manager - Evolve Dental  
Brisbane, QLD 

Acquiring a new patient is 5-7 times more expensive then converting your existing Patients  

What about USA and UK practices ?

In our first month we saw (USD) $57,000 of additional treatments scheduled through Revive. In the past it’s been hit and miss, but now I can sleep confidently knowing that communications are going out to patients.

Murray Orthodontics 

Elmsleigh House continue to reactivate 15% of their un-scheduled Implant Treatment Plans, to date they have reactivated over £120,000 using Revive's communications tactics whist they await their automated system.

Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic

In business, it's all about the numbers and about profitability. Revive has been instrumental in our efforts to improve how we communicate with our existing patient base. We have seen an impressive response to our communications efforts. We are enjoying a 237% return on investment (ROI)

William B Grand DDS

It was surprisingly easy to implement and systemise the follow-up of un-scheduled treatment plans of both current and historic patients. Within the first few months greater than £40,000 worth of Unscheduled Treatment plans had be started.

Metamorphosis Exclusive Orthodontics

... a 15 min call could be worth $60,000 in EXTRA treatments over the next 3-5 months

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